Modern beautiful practice in RSM. 2200 sq.ft. 3 fully plumbed ops equipped with Adec chairs and units. 2 other rooms can be converted into operatories if needed. Consultation room. 1 doctor day/week + 2 hygiene days/month. This office would cost $400K to build, priced at $150K to sell fast. Inquire at or (949) 278-1654.

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Doctor works only 1 day/week as he is busy with other practices. 2 hygiene days/month. All 3 ops are equipped with top of the line equipment, Adec chairs and units. This beautiful office would cost $400K to build, you can have it for $150K. Doctor wants to concentrate on another practice and does not have time for this practice. 2021 office collected $110K on 2-3 doctor days/month. Doctor will help to grow an implant practice if interested. Inquire with Dr. Doan 949-278-1654 or email

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