The Dental Shopper was the brain child of dentist Madrid Uso Jr. In 1983, Madrid and his brother and partner Lon attended the CDA convention in Anaheim California. Looking for some used equipment for a seldom needed operatory in their office, they soon discovered that even the used equipment was marked up beyond their budget. After unsuccessfully brainstorming that evening the brothers went to sleep in their hotel room. Waking the next morning, Lon realized that his brother had spent the night working on the concept for the Shopper. Within a couple of months the first Dental Shopper was published and mailed, the rest is history. The Dental Shopper became a staple for California dentists, helping them buy and sell everything from used equipment to their practices.

The Dental Shopper is an interactive dental website conceived by a dentist and executed by a group of experienced developers familiar with the dental field. Our hope is that, with your help, this site will evolve organically.


The format is simple, we have classified sections, directories and a search engine designed to simplify your dental searches.


The Dental Shopper is meant to be a community of buyers and sellers, dentists and vendors, working together towards a common goal, doing business in as “friction-less” an environment as possible.


The best dental values in print and online


Our mission is to empower the dental community online by building the finest, most comprehensive, interactive and simple to use online dental business community in the world.


Becky attended UCLA earning a Bachelors of Arts in Economics. She has worked in advertising for more years than she will admit. Besides being the first person you talk to when you call us, as Managing Editor she is in charge of the reader ads, the website, coordinates the display ads and does all billing and collections.

Pamela has worked for various magazines most of her career. They range from Disney, Los Angeles Magazine and ‘TEEN Magazine. She has extensive experience with all aspects of publishing and websites. Pam has been working with Dr. Uso on the Dental Shopper staff for the past ten years and enjoys it very much. She lives in San Clemente.